The pleasure of difference

We live in an increasingly homogeneous world, structurally designed to replicate patterns capable of generating a mass industry, pursuing efficiency and optimizing efforts and costs. Only the brave, daring or unaware dare to break away from the norm.

The tendency to replicate everything, and for everyone, is inherent to the day-to-day life of contemporary society. A society that dresses a certain way because it’s fashionable, entertains itself as dictated, or flatters the same icons.

Therefore, it is risky, to say the least, to step out of this mold and move away from the norm. And precisely this risk gives daring adventurers the possibility of cherishing something truly unique. That uniqueness, a characteristic of artists who dared to break the mold, was responsible for allowing us to dream of the lights and shadows or the provocative strokes of unique geniuses such as Dalí or Picasso, among others.

Today, those who knew how to bet on that boldness can count on their works as part of their legacy. Works that, in the eyes of our homogeneous world, are considered an unattainable luxury. Even so, the mistake is to only conceive the final piece as a luxury. As extraordinary as that piece is, so is the approach of the person who swims against the current, and dared to break away from the established norm.

In this way, what’s easy or accessible is that which can be replicated, that which is designed once and copied as many times as people wish. On the contrary, something unique is designed on one occasion without the possibility of being recreated.

Since its inception, Hispano Suiza has stood as an antidote to attain coveted and sought-after uniqueness, a distinction that allows us to continue dreaming of excellence and uniqueness. The objective: to find beauty in that which is different, in that which is unique.

And that’s what the Daughter team captured in our brand video. The creative agency, together with Fil Fury as director of the film, were charged with capturing Hispano Suiza’s DNA, and presenting the outcome to the world a few weeks ago. With a combination of real images and CGI, along with a powerful and captivating voice, Daughter Studio created a modern and striking visual piece, maintaining Hispano Suiza’s essence at all times.