April 18, 2024

Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera: the red thread that unites past and present 120 years later

  • The Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera will make its global debut on June 13th , coinciding with the brand’s 120th anniversary.
  • Finca Mas Solers in Sant Pere de Ribes will host the presentation of the hypercar that will complete the Carmen range.
  • The instant connection that emerges from the Japanese legend of the red thread will be the leitmotiv of the event.

Barcelona, April 18th, 2024. – A Japanese legend says that there is an invisible red thread that unites people destined to be together. This thread can stretch, shrink and even tangle, but it never breaks. Although they may be separated by distance, time or circumstances, this thread will always keep them united and will eventually lead them to find each other and finally be together.

In 1904, Hispano Suiza was born from an unpredictable union, an instant connection of two people, Damià Mateu and Marc Birkigt, a businessman and an engineer who had to cross paths, just as if an unknown force had pulled them together. A force that attracted them and kept them united, developing a unique project. 120 years later, the force of the red thread intervenes again.

Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera, the result of constant evolution

The Japanese legend of the red thread will be the leitmotiv of the Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera launch on June 13th at the Mas Solers estate in Sant Pere de Ribes (Spain). This Renaissance-style mansion from the late 19th century was chosen to launch the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne in 2020, when the pandemic forced the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show. The red thread will guide every aspect of the experience: from the decoration to the planned activities, each element will be imbued with the idea of ​​universal connection and the inevitability of destiny. All of this in an environment where mystery and the arts will be intertwined with innovation and the excitement of discovering the Hispano Suiza Sagrera.

On a technical level, the Sagrera will incorporate the new 103kW battery and will feature an important evolution in terms of aerodynamics and interior design.

About Hispano Suiza:

Hispano Suiza is a historic Spanish automotive brand currently owned by the fourth generation of the Suqué Mateu family. Hispano Suiza Fábrica de Automóviles S.A. was founded in Barcelona in 1904 by Damián Mateu, with the help of the technical director and engineer Marc Birkigt, also a partner in the company. In 2024 Hispano Suiza will celebrate its 120th anniversary, making it one of the brands with the longest legacy in the history of the automotive industry.

Between 1904 and 1946, Hispano Suiza produced more than 12,000 high-performance luxury cars and 50,000 aircraft engines. In 2019, the brand unveiled the Hispano Suiza Carmen, its fully electric “Hypercar”, and a year later, it would up the ante with the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne. In total there are 24 exclusive and limited units. The first Carmen Boulogne in the United States was delivered in 2022.

120 years later, and following in the wake of the successful Hispano Suiza, the great-grandson of the founder Miguel Suqué Mateu continues to preserve the brand, providing momentum and dynamism with a clear vision for the future of the company.

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