Carmen Boulogne

Why Boulogne?

The Boulogne concept dates back to 1921 and the George Boillot Cup, in which Hispano Suiza competed with five upgraded models of the company’s H6 Coupé.
Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne
Hispano Suiza carrera en Boulogne

Boulogne and its races

The French city of Boulogne-sur-Mer has been intrinsically linked with the Hispano Suiza brand since the turn of the last century when the brand’s official team decided to participate in the “Coupe des Voiturettes”. In 1910, Italian driver Paolo Zuccarelli won the cup driving one of the official Hispano Suiza team’s cars. In the 1920s the team won the George Boillot Cup, which was also held in Boulogne, for three consecutive years.

Hispano Suiza Carmen “Boulogne”

A 100% electric supercar with the latest technology derived from Formula E, 820kW of power and an avant-garde design inspired by the brand’s heritage.


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