Why Carmen?

The Carmen is inspired by the unique style and elegance of Carmen Mateu (1936-2018), granddaughter of the company’s founder, and mother of the President. The ‘Carmen’ script featured on the car is a direct representation of her signature.

Why Carmen?

The Carmen is inspired by the unique style and elegance of Carmen Mateu (1936-2018), granddaughter of the company’s founder, and mother of the President. The ‘Carmen’ script featured on the car is a direct representation of her signature.



Carmen was inspired on one and iconic designs in the 1930’s Hispano Suiza called Dubonnet Xenia. André Dubonnet launches a new improved version of the Xenia in 1938, more powerful and with a more aerodynamic bodywork. Sliding doors, enveloping windscreen, futuristic lines. The Carmen will be a modern representation of how the brand would’ve evolved through time.


The Carmen combines hypercar-rivalling performance with exquisite luxury, painstaking craftsmanship and meticulous attention to technical and engineering details. The level of luxury, comfort and character that Hispano Suiza had in the 20th century, and combine it with the powerful, safety and technological parts and materials of the modern days. All of that without losing what Hispano Suiza really is.

"With the sporty and elegant design of the Carmen, we have successfully translated the DNA of the Hispano Suiza brand to a modern day hyperlux car"

Francesc Arenas

Hispano Suiza Design Director

Carmen technology

Built with motorsport-sourced engineering expertise, the Carmen boasts hypercar-rivalling performance from a technologically-superior chassis and advanced powertrain.

"With the Carmen, we combined motorsport-style precision with meticulous attention to technical and engineering details"

Lluc Marti

Hispano Suiza Technical Director

Hispano Suiza Carmen

The all-new fully-electric Carmen has been created from the ground-up to deliver an exceptional and luxurious driving experience. The hyperlux grand tourer features motorsport-derived technologies to achieve superb handling, a 0 - 100 km/h time of under three seconds, and an electronically-limited top speed of 250 km/h.



Carbon fibre monocoque and body panels keep weight under 1,690 kg


Custom-made electric powertrain employs two motors to deliver 750kW (1019 PS) to rear wheels


Exceptional aerodynamic properties boost performance and handling

Torque vectoring

Adapts rear wheel torque according to the driver inputs and levels of grip available


Double wishbone suspension and adaptative damping control deliver engaging handling

Carmen Gallery


The Carmen’s highly emotive and striking design perfectly balances aggressive sportiness and timeless elegance.


The Carmen’s styling is heavily influenced by the mould-breaking Hispano Suiza cars of the early 20th century – specifically the 1938 Hispano Suiza Dubonnet Xenia, of which only one example was ever produced. The Dubonnet Xenia’s aerodynamic form and eye-catching design was the brainchild of the car’s owner WW1 fighter pilot André Dubonnet. The Carmen condenses the brand’s heritage of elegant design into a modern-day carbon fibre bodied ‘hyperlux’ car. The bespoke interior boasts a styling theme inspired by the interiors of the most luxurious Hispano Suiza models of the past. The exquisite two-seat cabin exudes refinement and opulence, perfectly complementing the car’s effortless performance.


The Carmen’s 1020 PS motors propel it from 0-100 km/h in under three seconds, and a top speed of 250 km/h


Combining an advanced, fully-electric 750 kW (1,020 PS) powertrain with a bespoke super-stiff carbon fibre monocoque, double-wishbone front and rear suspension and torque vectoring, Carmen delivers exceptional handling, with a focus on predictable performance and an easy-to-drive character. With such prodigious power, and a kerb weight of just 1,690 kg, the Carmen has world-class performance capabilities.


The very finest materials have been curated from across Spain and around the world to ensure the ultimate luxury motoring experience


The passenger cabin of the Carmen is a finely conceived marriage of classic design cues from the first chapter of Hispano Suiza’s story, and modern, advanced technology to deliver extraordinary luxury, comfort and refinement. Inside the car is a combination of the finest leather and Alcantara that is used to trim the heated, four-way power-adjustable, hand-sewn seats. With a focus on the ultimate ownership experience, each Carmen owner can specify a custom-perfumed interior to ensure the car offers a supremely personal and sumptuous environment. Artisan craftsmanship is apparent throughout the interior and it retain a direct lineage to the brand’s history. For example, the dashboard reflects the characteristics of the Carmen’s predecessors, with a traditional style using real wood veneers and machined high-grade aluminium, perforated by authentic toggle switchgear. The classic clockface at the centre of the dashboard features a Swiss mechanism with design and development by a Spanish watch maker. It echoes the position and status of the timepieces that featured in the brand’s earlier cars. Similarly, the triangular gear selector is a direct reference to the art deco steel triangle that featured on the dash of Hispano Suiza’s in the company’s previous models

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