The pleasure of Changing

One of the features that has most characterized Hispano Suiza over the years is its dynamism.
Ours is a company in constant movement, adapting to space and time, as well as to trends and technological advances. An attribute that still prevails today, with a Hispano Suiza that has not stopped evolving.

Since the rebirth of the brand in 2019, the world has changed almost completely. We have had to adapt to new ways of working; we have developed new habits, and even our communication has been transformed. Therefore, Hispano Suiza has had to face a series of needs resulting from a new global (and digital) landscape.

One way that we have met these needs has been rethinking, designing and developing a new corporate image, which faithfully represents the DNA of our brand, as well as our essence, and with a view to the future. All the while aligning with the modern day and the trends that will define the coming years.

However, we were faced with an exciting challenge: while looking to the future and adapting to newer times, we also wanted to continue to pay tribute to the heritage and history of our brand, one of the biggest and richest in the automotive world. Therefore, we had to find a way to adapt how we showed ourselves to the world, without losing the heart of the Hispano Suiza that Damián Mateu and Marc Birkigt founded.

For this reason, we agreed to keep the shield and the stork emblem intact, coined in memory of Georges Guynemer, a French pilot who was part of an aviation squadron that housed Hispano Suiza engines and used the outline of a stork as a symbol. In other words, the new image of Hispano Suiza had to keep the same logo and symbols, although enhanced for the digital environment of the present day.

Two essential elements of the brand’s structure inspired the new corporate image. On the one hand, the “hyperlux” ideal, a term coined by Hispano Suiza and which is the result of joining the words “hypercar” and “luxury”. This concept was born from the need to describe sports cars capable of taming the road and becoming real racing cars, but crafted with careful attention to detail and materials of the highest quality. In other words, it was born out of the need to describe Hispano Suiza vehicles.

From this idea arose the apparent dichotomy that has defined the new brand image: the balance between luxury and exclusivity, and the sporty look and competitive DNA that has marked the brand’s history. Two worlds so far apart that, at first, seem incompatible, but we have managed to bring them together to form a unique result.

The new image was also inspired by the brand’s ethos (character, personality): the pleasure of belonging to the unique. This idea became the team’s mantra, which sought to develop a new image conveying the same concept.

Considering the history of Hispano Suiza and that it was one of the favorite brands among aristocrats, artists and intellectuals of the 20th century, such as Albert Einstein, Coco Channel or Paul McCartney, we sought to convey what the experience of owning a Hispano Suiza meant. The experience of driving a limited series vehicle. The experience of belonging to something unique.

Every proposal, every small change, has been thought out and studied in detail. Nothing has been left to chance.

For this, the “FutureBrand” team immersed itself in Hispano Suiza. It immersed itself in our history, who we were, who we are and how we look to the future. It studied our way of working and our audience. They got to know our team and the concerns of everyone who makes up the brand. In short, they dedicated themselves to understanding our raison d’être. And, once this was achieved, they went on to investigate our environment. The world in which we move.

With all this clear, they let their imagination run wild and gave free rein to creativity. Here is a glimpse of the result. Interact and discover the new Hispano Suiza. We hope you like it as much as we do.

The unshakable will to continue improving and evolving proves that Hispano Suiza perseveres. We will continue to work with our sights set on new projects in the short, medium and long term. We will begin to uncover them soon.