Carbon fiber: the most sought after material

If one thing stands out in the racing world, it’s the constant need to evolve and develop new products, techniques, and systems. Because for a vehicle to stand out from the rest and achieve victory, it needs to be faster, easier to drive and safer.

For this reason, the teams dedicate a large part of their resources (time, finance, and team) to strengthening their R&D department, which will be responsible for developing and improving the vehicles. In recent years, with the emergence of new technologies and the automation of many processes, these departments have developed new materials that have marked a turning point in the automotive sector.

One is carbon fiber, a material derived from the aeronautic sector. It is tremendously light but resistant, making it an indispensable part of the competition sector. Composed of fiber and resin yarns, carbon fiber has a relationship between its mechanical properties and its density that is very beneficial, making it a very desirable material for any vehicle.

Much of the development at Hispano Suiza comes directly from the racing sector. Our team has worked (and continues to work) in various automobile competitions, developing or applying new technologies to vehicles. These competitions work as a test bench for Hispano Suiza, applying these improvements to its hypercars, ensuring they are at the forefront of technology.

One of these improvements is using carbon fiber in the Hispano Suiza Carmen (and its later versions), which affects not only specific parts of the vehicle but the entire structure and its outer shell. A more than evident use in the case of the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne, which has an exposed fiber coating.

Carbon fiber is a very desirable material but very hard to use, as it requires a manual technique that high production runs can’t replicate. It can only be applied appropriately when the vehicles are treated with great care and seen as something more than a means of transport: a work of art, a collector’s item.

Hispano Suiza can use carbon fiber in all its hypercars because each vehicle is handmade and treated with the respect and care it deserves, ensuring every little detail so that the final result is a dream come true. Hispano Suiza’s philosophy is based on creating works of art, unique and unrepeatable pieces. That is why we claim the pleasure of belonging to something unique.