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The Hispano Suiza Brand

Between 1904 and 1946, Hispano Suiza built more than 12,000 luxury vehicles and 50,000 aeroplane engines.
Now reborn, the company has created the new Hispano Suiza Carmen, a pioneering model from the ‘hyperlux’ segment, through a unique blend of timeless design, exquisite luxury, painstaking craftsmanship and scrupulous attention to technical and engineering details.

Hispano Suiza plans to become one of Europe’s most luxurious and exclusive supersport car manufacturers, producing cars of the highest quality to the world’s most discerning motorists.

The brand is proud of its Spanish roots with its headquarters, technical centre, and manufacturing facilities all based in Barcelona, and a direct family lineage tracing four generations to the founder Damián Mateu.

The Hispano Suiza DNA

Elegant, Reliable and Sporty

The Carmen exhibits effortless elegance combined with sporty performance. Whilst the bespoke engineering of production partner QEV Technologies ensures the greatest quality and reliability.


Engineered to the highest standards, the customisable Carmen features the finest materials curated from the world’s top suppliers. A dedicated team of engineers and craftspeople painstakingly build each Carmen by hand.


The Carmen is exclusive to but a few daydreamers, with only 19 models of this hyperlux grand tourer built.


Boasting technologically superior, fully-electric performance, the Carmen features the highest level of automotive engineering, performance and convenience technologies.

Miguel Suqué Mateu



Mr. Suqué Mateu has lived the Hispano Suiza brand for his entire life, and the production of the Carmen is the realisation of a lifelong ambition for him.

President of Hispano Suiza, he is the great-grandson of the brand’s founder Damián Mateu.

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The Hispano Suiza history repeats itself

Damià Mateu, together with engineer Marc Birkigt, founded Hispano Suiza in 1904. The combination of brilliant project management together with technical brilliance made the production of robust, reliable, and powerful jewels possible, which conquered the automotive industry.

After more than 115 years, history repeats itself. In 2019, the lawyer, businessman, and great-grandson of the founder, Miguel Suqué Mateu, together with the team of electrical engineers at QEV Technologies, bring about the renaissance of Hispano Suiza with the release of the Hispano Suiza Carmen.

Spanish spirit and strong family legacy

Proud of its Spanish spirit and strong family legacy, the Suqué Mateu family retains a strong influence over the brand’s direction, management, and planning.

Damián Mateu
Damián Mateu

Founder of Hispano Suiza

Damián Mateu, founder of Hispano Suiza
Miguel Mateu
Miguel Mateu

President of Hispano Suiza at 1935

Miguel Mateu, presidente de Hispano Suiza en 1935
Carmen Mateu
Carmen Mateu

President of Hispano Suiza at 1972

Carmen Mateu - Presidenta de Hispano Suiza en 1972
Miguel Suqué
Miguel Suqué Mateu

President of Hispano Suiza from 2000

Miguel Suqué Mateu, presidente de Hispano Suiza a partir de 2000
Familia Suqué Mateu
Family Suqué Mateu
Familia Suqué Mateu
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