The value of trainee learning

This week the school year has started for many, and also for the new trainee at Hispano Suiza, Simone Fabbro, who has joined our design team after winning the first edition of the Hispano Suiza Design Contest we organized several months ago. Simone, a student of Transportation Design at IED Torino, submitted a highly technical, original proposal to the competition, and will be with us for four months at our headquarters in Montmeló.


An appetite for learning

At Hispano Suiza we aim to give visibility to young students, promote their career prospects and encourage innovation and design in our industry. I think it is very important to foster the figure of the “trainee” because the enthusiasm and the desire to learn are highly worthwhile.

The best thing about a trainee is their eagerness to do things for the first time and to do them well. Recent graduates feel they have their whole life in front of them. We’ve all been there, and I speak from my own experience, but one of the most important things is to ask, ask and ask. Because those who are afraid to ask questions are ashamed to learn, and learning is precisely something that should never stop in a professional career.

With their fresh approach and point of view, trainees are often the ones who bring changes that your day-to-day routine doesn’t allow you to see. I think that their attitude and flexibility towards learning, being open to everything that comes their way, the desire to understand the culture of the company and their commitment are key in this profile of the “trainee”.

Being able to do an internship in a company is a great opportunity to develop the theoretical knowledge acquired in school. In addition, internships are not only useful to gain a foothold in the job market, but also to check if what you have been studying can really be applied, if it’s useful or if the company that attracted your attention is a good place to work. Ideally, you should be able to do internships in various environments, to get to know different ways of doing things, different company cultures, sizes and organizations… because in reality, just as every person is a world to explore, every company is a whole universe!


I wish you an exciting school year and that we’re able to approach it from the point of view and in the spirit of a trainee.

Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza