The real challenge

Discovering stories and anecdotes from your brand’s past is really exciting. But if the story is as meaningful as the following one, the excitement is truly intense. 93 years ago and thanks to a customer who was absolutely convinced of the quality of his Hispano Suiza, we took part in a unique challenge, a competition between a model of the American brand Stutz Motor Car Company and a Hispano.

It all started at the 1927 London Motor Show, where Stutz President Frederick Moskovics categorically affirmed that his Blackhawk models were unbeatable. In turn, Charles Torres Weymann, an American who owned a two-seater Hispano H6 B, replied that his car was better and challenged him. They wagered 25,000 dollars of the time to see which of the two would win, competing for 24 hours at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Weymann traveled from Paris to the USA with a racer friend, a Hispano mechanic, ten tires and two Delco coils.  And by the end of the first lap, the H6 was already nine seconds ahead of the Blackhawk and six laps later, it was doubling the lead. The race didn’t go well for Moskovics, who had to repair valves and other parts while the Hispano kept racing. Finally, the Stutz camp conceded when the two-seater H6 B was more than 1,000 kilometers ahead of it.

Not just what, but how

There’s no doubt that the challenge was met, and with flying colors. Because Hispano Suiza wasn’t only a premium elegant brand, it also had the power of competition and its models offered the utmost sportiness. Elegance and power. Excellence and strength.

I’m honored to say that today, more than 90 years after that match race, we continue to do the same. Combining both universes, with extreme quality and a quest for technical perfection. The most important thing? We have the same attitude of not promising the impossible, of being constant and coherent in our purpose, of demonstrating with facts (and not just words) the result of the passion, effort and sacrifice of a whole team, of a whole family. And we work hard so that our customers trust us and our Hispanos, just as Weymann did.



Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza