The power of motivation

“We’ll find a way, you’ll see. And if we don’t find it, with conviction and effort…. we’ll create it!” These inspiring words were said to me, a long time ago and in a moment of occupational uncertainty, by the best coach I ever had: my father. In addition to being a born entrepreneur and having a go at everything, he always had an enviable quality: the ability to transmit motivation to those around him and to make what he set out to do possible.

We often need an extra boost in life and at work, a few words that encourage us not only to keep going, but also to improve. Motivation in the work environment is fortunately becoming more meaningful in companies. Because it has been acknowledged that one of the fundamental pillars of any business is its teams and it’s become increasingly clear that if employees don’t work well, the company doesn’t work well either.

The role of motivation is therefore key and could be summarized in seeking a clear goal, which is none other than trying to get the best out of the people who make up your teams by making them believe firmly in it. It doesn’t matter if there are 5, 100 or 1000 people in the team.

Most of the attitudes and behaviors that we need to achieve this motivation are really about having empathy and clear ideas. By having a clear purpose and explaining it, by remaining consistent in what we do (as my father always told me: “to lead by example is the only way to show that action speaks louder than words”). We must clearly explain what we expect from our teams, share the company’s challenges with the teams, be honest, value merit, acknowledge and congratulate, learn from mistakes and offer learning opportunities that make people grow (if they grow, so will the business).

There was a time when people thought that tokens such as a big company dinner and a Christmas ham were enough to motivate staff for a year.  But it’s clear that times have changed and motivation during change is key. Like almost everything in life, motivation is a matter of continuing to believe in it and putting it into practice on a daily basis. In every word, every gesture, every decision. It’s a matter of will. Just as it’s well known that will and energy can move mountains.


Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza