Strength through unity

A couple of months ago, continuing with our international expansion process, Hispano Suiza landed in Germany thanks to a partnership with the brothers Lorenz and Luis Mohr (MOHR Group), who have turned their passion for cars and car collecting into their business project. They have several points of sale in Germany, including the one in Munich, with more than 1,500m², ideal for the distribution of the Carmen and Carmen Boulogne models. It’s the first point of commercial contact in Europe of the new era of our brand.

It’s truly one of the important challenges for this year: to see how this distribution point works, to monitor whether we’re making the right choice and to consolidate our relationship with it. Strength most certainly comes through unity. And having a partner should be mutually beneficial. Even more so when it comes to competing in highly competitive markets such as the German one and positioning our product in its rightful place.

The main keys to this type of relationship are: mutual trust, fluid communication to be able to react and reduce risks as much as possible and working together on proposals for continuous improvement. And last but not least: that the exporter is able to transmit and spread, not only once, but on a regular basis, the passion for the product and the brand. They have their finger on the pulse of the consumer and their market, we have ours on the brand, and it’s a key task to ensure that theirs is on it, too.

Germany is a country that has always pampered and praised the automotive sector. It has a tradition of collectors and we believe that our hypercars will attract important customers. The automotive market figures seem to be moving in a very positive way and after the hardest months of the pandemic sales of electric vehicles have increased exponentially, accompanied of course by great support and incentives from the German government. As Hispano Suiza President Miquel Suqué says, “Germany is completely in love with cars”, so we’re confident that we’ll be a good match.


Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza