Generational diversity in the workplace

Generation Z, Millennials, Baby Boomers and Generation X (to which I belong). Four different generations coexist in Hispano Suiza; from the oldest to the youngest, there’s a wide range of ages. It’s a challenge, of course, because each generation has its own traits, tastes, way of thinking and way of navigating the work environment. But in my view it’s very enriching: combining experience with new ideas within an organization is a winning team approach.

In this context, part of responsible leadership lies in knowing how to motivate and get these various generations to work together. We must nurture and promote an environment in which all members, whatever their age, feel at ease, where they can develop their abilities, demonstrate their skills and give their opinion. We must know what strengths each person has and find the best way to combine them and bring out the best in them. In fact, it’s about good talent management, keeping generational diversity in mind. No one should be left out, no one should feel questioned. Strengthening ties, improving internal cohesion. And always avoid falling into ageism, age discrimination, since age is fortunately ceasing to be an identity in itself.

Benefits of intergenerational teams

Among the advantages of generational diversity are the creation of more cross-cutting and integral work teams, with complementary knowledge and experiences; greater feedback, so that silos aren’t created. It helps to contribute to greater tolerance, more understanding and respect, and better understanding. It also helps young people to better understand their parents and vice versa, which enhances individual growth and therefore the professional growth of all employees. It promotes the exchange and transmission of values, skills and corporate culture. There’s no doubt that beyond its label, each generation contributes values, knowledge, skills and circumstances and all this adds to the team.

With the calls for COVID-19 vaccinations that are being made by age bracket, I’ve already heard a lot of jokes about how it’s impossible to hide how old we are… I believe that age shouldn’t be hidden. It’s just a number. What’s important is everyone’s attitude and passionate dedication.


Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza