Forecast for the next four months

This week marks the beginning of the last four-month period of the year, for those of us who look at it by calendar year, and the beginning of a new academic term, for those who look at it in terms of school years. Whether they’re understood as an end or as a beginning, the truth is that these four months ahead of us are a very important challenge. Preceded as they are by several months of confinement, various adaptations and maximum uncertainty, it’s vital that we face them with enthusiasm and goals.


Below is a summary of what I’m hoping and working for between now and December 31st.


Hispano Suiza: Since the pandemic was declared worldwide, we’ve seen how our way of communicating, our way of organizing ourselves, our way of manufacturing, in short, our strategy for approaching our customers, has changed over the past few months. But if you’re able to accept change, evolve more efficiently, then you can get over the setbacks. This is what we’re doing in our organization. The #HispanoSuizaTalks that we’ve been doing have allowed us to show a glimpse of what we do, opening the door to our project even wider. Between now and the end of the year, we’re going to let all the dreamers who want to get to know us better through our open door.


Sustainable Mobility: We’re in continuous evolution with the changes that arise, both for the new reality and for environmental reasons. This makes mobility move in only one direction: to be increasingly efficient, in all senses, not only because of social distancing, but also because of the total time people spend inside their vehicle, which will have to be made better use of, with both work and leisure experiences.  Brands must offer useful, agile services to facilitate the use of vehicles through new technologies, and our brand is very aware of this.


Automotive industry: Now more than ever we see how the political class has become aware that we must provide investment to the private automotive sector with a clear strategy and achievable goals. In our country there is impeccable talent as vehicle manufacturers since the early 1900s. Now is the time to create a strong cluster that brings together all this talent and for the combined competition to offer better services and products to consumers and therefore new jobs that society will greatly need in the coming years. If the public sector doesn’t push for this, the private sector will have to do so, whatever it takes. As partners of ANFAC, we’ll support everything we can to achieve this.


Team management: Nowadays we have to work with all kinds of changes and we’ve always been committed to motivate the team both from the inside out and from the outside in. Precisely in these times, each member of the company must be involved in and informed of the company’s strategy so that the sense of belonging is increasingly stronger, so that when we wake up every day in these difficult times, every morning we have reasons to do our best in our area and make the project in which we are involved bigger. We must pay attention to every detail and work hard, because we all have to balance our personal and professional lives, and even more so nowadays. Let’s make the company another great little family.

Let’s go!



Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza