People-centric company culture

With everybody talking about what getting back into the swing of things after the summer is going to be like, with the concern we all feel about the widespread outbreaks of COVID-19, I think it’s more vital than ever to think and work on how to build a better company culture.

In this strange context for everyone, and despite the facemasks, remote working or social distancing, the central principle of the corporate culture must remain the same: people. Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with part of the team on the circuit and one once again, I was certain that the people who make up the team are the most valuable resource of an organization and any leader must contribute to give them that merit.

That’s why it’s necessary to build a culture that keeps the team fully dedicated and convinced of the company’s mission. In today’s VUCA environment where everything seems to indicate that the world has lost its way, standing firm is essential. A company that builds a culture strong enough to ignore (and even ward off) the looming global collapse is truly an organization that is in control of its own destiny.

People are the key, as I said; every single person that makes up our teams. We must be genuinely interested in acknowledging them, not only by recognizing their professional work, but also by knowing who they really are: listening to them, identifying their needs, understanding their trajectory, discovering their talent and potential, knowing what moves them, what inspires them.

Walk the talk

A company’s DNA cannot be summarized in a list of values or a manifesto posted in the canteen that hardly anyone reads. In order to create a sense of belonging and pride in the brand, so that employees make the DNA their own and adopt our purpose and vision, it’s essential to set an example. That the leaders be consistent with the culture. Acting with integrity and honesty is the basis for running a company effectively and building a solid reputation over the long term. What people perceive about the teams is what they will pass on to their colleagues, their customers, their families and the rest of the world. This is how company culture is enriched and strengthened.

Corporate culture is like the inner workings of a Swiss watch or the two electric motors of a Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne: nothing works without them, even if it seems to.


Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza