Hispano Suiza

Hispano Suiza由Damian Mateu和Marc Birkigt于1904年在巴塞罗那成立,这是一家由Suque Mateu家族的四代人拥有的西班牙骄傲的汽车品牌。



受高性能驾驶的启发,Hispano Suiza是一个杰出的奢侈品牌。它以其引以为傲的西班牙精神和强大的家族传承来生产精致豪华,精心设计的产品。





22 Sep 2020

Hispano Suiza, the Spanish brand of hypercars, arrives in Mexico with its new model, the Carmen

Mexico’s José San Vicente, President of the Sanvi Group, will become the first Hispano Suiza dealer in Mexico. After entering into negotiations with the Spanish automotive brand two months ago, the entrepreneur has succeeded in bringing its distribution to Mexico.

21 Sep 2020

Hispano Suiza Carmen rides in the Le Mans Circuit previous of 24hLeMans Race

Hispano Suiza Carmen has travelled to Le Mans to participate in the supercar event organized by Supercars Owners Circle, to participate in an exhibition tour at the Circuit, previous of 24-hour Le Mans Race. Along with other supercars like McLaren Senna, Paganis, Koenigsegg and Ferrari.

2 Sep 2020

In memory of Emilio Polo

Yesterday a remarkable person left us who is part of the Hispano Suiza history and family and we all feel we are missing something. Emilio has embarked on his final great journey in Hispano without his faithful partner and travel companion in life, our dear friend Paca.
But his passion, dedication and devotion will always remain with us and will inspire us to respect and understand even more this amazing historical legacy.
Thank you for sharing and passing on all your knowledge and experience to us, one more sign of your enormous generosity.

Miguel Suqué Mateu
President of Hispano Suiza


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