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Always with passion

I discovered something that made me think. It turns out that the word ‘passion’ derives from the Latin passio which means ‘suffering’, which in turn is from the word family of the verb ‘to suffer’ or ‘endure’. I had never connected the two concepts and in fact they even seem contradictory in many ways.

Applied to the work environment, it’s true that if we understand that working with passion means giving everything, getting involved, making the maximum effort, yes, it’s clear it can lead us to suffer a little… But I believe that we suffer even more if that passion doesn’t exist; if you don’t experience that intense, energizing, adrenaline-filled feeling. Passionate people often don’t really give importance to what, how or when, but to why we do things, and to the emotions that this activity triggers in us.


“My inspiration is the passion for what I do”

-Rafa Nadal


When it’s clear to you that the intention behind what you do is to shape a vision of the past in order to build dreams for the present and the future, the truth is that you cannot be other than passionate about what you do. And in this sense, the same thing is clear to every single person that makes up the Hispano Suiza team. It’s a great good fortune and something that companies should encourage; to be motivators of good, positive, harmonious passion.

A passion for work that facilitates emotional energy and professional satisfaction. Desiring to invest effort in the task at hand, even when difficulties arise, making it easier for each person to perform his or her activity with high levels of energy and mental stamina, with enthusiasm, inspiration, pride, and boldness. When that happens, when you work with focus and enjoyment, you often end the day with the feeling that time has flown by. I’ve found that more passion means less stress, more energy, more good vibes, more engagement, more learning, more physical and emotional well-being, more excellence… With passion, everything adds up.



Sergio Martínez Campos

CEO, Hispano Suiza